About Us

Builder Profile

Richard K. Payne Construction has been in business since 1991 and has crafted quality homes in the North and South Carolina areas. Payne is a native of Gaston County, a member of the Homebuilders Association where he has served on the Board of Directors. He is licensed in commercial and residential construction in both North and South Carolina, has a real estate broker license and is winner of awards in past Parade of Homes Shows.

” I believe that building a home should be a pleasant experience for the customer. We achieve that by having a close working relationship with the people that are buying our homes. Success is measured in having a happy homeowner when the job is complete I do not take on more work than I can do correctly. I have built in broad price ranges from $150,000 to over 1 million dollars and I enjoy working with different types of people. If a customer selects me to build their new home, I will guarantee them 100% effort and one on one personal attention.”

Quality Homes

Building a quality house is the result of careful planning, knowledge of construction and understanding what the customer really wants out of their new home. In my many years of construction experience, I have learned a great deal about what is important and what is very important, like understanding the transfer of loads to the ground. This helps me to be able to draw complete sets of plans and make changes to existing plans.

Another important factor is proper placement and elevation of the house on the site. These details help improve proper water runoff and curb appeal.

In short, as your builder I will dot the I’s and cross the T’s throughout the entire project.
If a customer wants something that I have never experienced, I take all the time needed to research the item and find out the best way to get what we need. I enjoy my work and take pride in my houses

Quality People

Quality people make quality jobs. In the past years of building, I have learned that having quality people can make a large difference in the outcome of the house. I like to work with people whom I feel give their best always and take pride in their work.

I have many different contacts and in some fields, I have as many as 30 people to choose from whom specialize in the same trade. It has taken many years to seek out people who want to do the job right, like people who carry the old tradition of “a day’s work for a day’s pay”.

I can keep those quality people by treating them with respect, giving them plenty of notice of start dates and providing a clean working environment. My subcontractors know the quality I expect, and they take pride in giving it.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If a person can be made happy, we can do it. We like to give you all the details up front before starting your new home. 

I believe that a house should be built on paper before ever breaking ground. This helps to hold down things like backtracking, and decisions that need to be made during construction. This helps keep errors to a minimum. If a builder error does occur on an item as it sometimes does, we will guarantee to make it as good, or better than it was originally intended to be.

We will do everything possible to have a happy homeowner when the job is complete. I believe that positive work of mouth is by far the best advertising, and this we plan to have.